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t of th■e players also sa〓id they up■graded the〓ir PC to pla●y PUBG, as t■he game requires mi◆ghty "gami■ng rig" to■ run fluently.A◆part from the ■genera


l masses◆, professi〓onal playe●rs are also seeing● some changes in○ their careers.Esp■orts, or v■ideo game in g●eneral, was not a〓 good thing i〓n China for ●more than ■a decade. Even● CCTV, the owner or●ganization o◆f CGTN, used to cal○l online g●aming "the ele●ctronic heroin."●But now th

is kind o●f entertainment is g◆etting accepted in t○he society.The● latest pro

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of is the● victory of es■ports club Ro◆yal Never Give Up a●nd its star pl●ayer, Jian○ "UZI" Zihao.T●he boys just w○on an Inte■rnational LO〓L tournament an


d rev〓enged against Sout●h Koreans on May 20.●This event is sprea〓ding fast on C■hina's soci◆al media websit●e. Most peop〓le reacted 〓gladly inst〓ead of saying "gam●ing is no goo■d" like years befor●e.Big companies also○ spot this social ○change. E-co〓mmerce giant JD◆, retailer Dining■ and gaming●-anime video p●latform Bi〓libili are among ◆the investo■rs of the esp●orts clubs.Alth◆ough the situa●tion is still w●ell behind South ◆Korea (where na●tional airlin〓es are holding t○ournaments and〓 Samsung, SK Telec●om have the■ir own clubs),● it's getting○ much better tha■n five years ago.●Returning to the● livestrea

msW●hen webcasting first● became fa◆mous in China, ga■ming is the mos●t important content■.For years, the top■ section of C■hina's largest◆ online live st■reaming website ◆Douyu has bee■n LOL.As str○eaming goes into t●he mainstream Inte●rnet, the ○content has expand●ed from desk■top computers to〓 smartphones and● real life.But the t◆rend is re◆versing back to■ gaming, as t◆he iResearch report 〓shows.Game ●streaming websit◆es are at a○ctive fusion ■with other type■s of live vide◆o platforms.Streamer◆ is more importan■t than a p●latform

, the◆ report sa■ys, which 〓shows more th●an 80 percent of vie◆wers have thei

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r ○own favorite steamer○s.For predicti○ons, the iR●esearch report○ says the incr●ease of esport●s players will be○ much slower in◆ 2018 and 2019, and ●mobile users will ●take an even larger◆ part of the ○cake.The data was p●ublished at the Chi○na Cyber Games Sum○mit 2018 in ●Beijing.Please sca◆n the QR Code to fol〓low us on Ins


tag●ramPlease s○can the QR Co◆de to follow ●us on Wechat■ESPN expert●s predict Wa◆rriors to wi◆n NBA Fina〓l ChampionESPN● experts pre●dict Warriors to win◆ NBA Final ChampionE●SPN experts predict ●Warriors to win NBA■ Final Champ◆ion05-31-2018 10:0◆2 BJTA total of 24● ESPN expert■s on Tuesday made ●their pr

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